Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Princess, Princess and more Princess

Princess Sarah-rella

On one night of the cruise I dressed Sarah up in all her Cinderella glory
and I am pretty sure that so far in her little life it was the best night ever!
She never stopped smiling and posing for anyone with a camera
(and on a Disney Cruise that's a lot of cameras).

This was Jimbo's favorite pose

The whole family and obviously DJ wasn't into it.
I really need to defend my kids for a second.
Thanks to the size of our group (15!) the only dinner time
available to us was the 8:15 seating - also know at
our house as 'past your bedtime'. Mine and Jimbo's included.
I swear my body and brain are now trained to shut off at 8 sharp.
Anyway, given the circumstances my kids were late
night champions with only like 7 meltdowns (one for each course!).
Really, they were great - wish I could say the same
about my behavior. I am a total morning person though, it is kind of sick.

Cinderella herself showed up a little later that night.

She must have heard about Sarah's loveliness and thought her job was at stake.

A little advise.
I am sure Sarah was telling her that her Mama
said she can't even think about Prince Charming until she is 23!
Poor Sarah.
If you think I'm strict, you should hear Jimbo's prince charming answer,
it involves pistols and blindfolds!

Again, DJ wasn't into it at all.
Jimbo was so proud.
Sarah is an expert at the curtsy and she wasn't shy about it.
That night at dinner they brought Sarah her very own
Birthday cake and words cannot express the smile on her face.
A handful of waiters sang to her and she gobbled up every bit of the attention.
I am 100% sure that everything Disney does really is magical.

What an amazing night!

A very happy girl with a very yummy cake.

Bridger and Sarah and a goodnight snuggle.
Man I wish we lived closer to my sisters.

More conversations with Cinderella a few mornings later.

A big cheesy grin with Belle

and lots of love for Tiana

Coming soon: Pirates! Argh!


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