Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Princess, Princess and more Princess

Princess Sarah-rella

On one night of the cruise I dressed Sarah up in all her Cinderella glory
and I am pretty sure that so far in her little life it was the best night ever!
She never stopped smiling and posing for anyone with a camera
(and on a Disney Cruise that's a lot of cameras).

This was Jimbo's favorite pose

The whole family and obviously DJ wasn't into it.
I really need to defend my kids for a second.
Thanks to the size of our group (15!) the only dinner time
available to us was the 8:15 seating - also know at
our house as 'past your bedtime'. Mine and Jimbo's included.
I swear my body and brain are now trained to shut off at 8 sharp.
Anyway, given the circumstances my kids were late
night champions with only like 7 meltdowns (one for each course!).
Really, they were great - wish I could say the same
about my behavior. I am a total morning person though, it is kind of sick.

Cinderella herself showed up a little later that night.

She must have heard about Sarah's loveliness and thought her job was at stake.

A little advise.
I am sure Sarah was telling her that her Mama
said she can't even think about Prince Charming until she is 23!
Poor Sarah.
If you think I'm strict, you should hear Jimbo's prince charming answer,
it involves pistols and blindfolds!

Again, DJ wasn't into it at all.
Jimbo was so proud.
Sarah is an expert at the curtsy and she wasn't shy about it.
That night at dinner they brought Sarah her very own
Birthday cake and words cannot express the smile on her face.
A handful of waiters sang to her and she gobbled up every bit of the attention.
I am 100% sure that everything Disney does really is magical.

What an amazing night!

A very happy girl with a very yummy cake.

Bridger and Sarah and a goodnight snuggle.
Man I wish we lived closer to my sisters.

More conversations with Cinderella a few mornings later.

A big cheesy grin with Belle

and lots of love for Tiana

Coming soon: Pirates! Argh!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Disney Vacation

Dear Nana & Papa,

Thanks for the amazing vacation, we really have had a hard time adjusting to life on land. Although we are still swaying like we were on board no one in the past 3 days since we have been home has cleaned our bathroom, made our beds, cooked and cleaned up for dozens of meals, entertained our children, let us watch Disney movies while swimming, and certainly no one has done our laundry because 3 days and 5 loads later we still have dirty clothes piled up!

We miss you Disney Wonder Cruise Ship, we miss you Nana and Papa. We miss Mark and Cami, Sophie, Karsten and Mac. We miss Dan and Wendee, Bridger and Colter. We miss all the fun memories we made and we hope to see you all again soon.


Jimbo, Angel, Sarah & DJ

Here are a few thousand pictures of out trip!

This is us with Minnie getting ready to board the amazing Disney Wonder cruise ship.

The whole fam minus Wendee and kind of minus Sarah
because that stinkin' Minnie had to stick her big ole ear right in
front of my girl. It may be a good thing though considering
Sarah would not stop lifting up her shirt.
I kept reminding her that we were not in Vegas anymore!

The Larsen's with Ariel and Sarah being inappropriate with the
Princesses breastage. Again, you just can't take the Vegas out of this girl...

Sarah and Dap-er-doo gettin their Goofy on.
We were on the ship all of 5 minutes and we had Disney characters up the wazoo!

DJ with Chip and Dale playing a little peek-a-boo

Deserts, deserts, deserts oh my the deserts!
Y'all know i am a sucker for anything sweet and this trip
was no exception I think I gained like
50 pounds in 5 days - is that even possible?

The official lifeboat drill is no joke including the infant
life jacket for the dude. He was pretty good about having it
on IF I kept shoving M&M's in his mouth!

The good news is that if you have a little bean in a giant jacket
they let you go back to your room before the end of the drill
so's that all the folks dying to get that orange
beast off don't trample your little ones!

The family enjoying one of the amazing shows.
Well, at least Dan looks like he is enjoying it.
Karsten, (on the right rolling his eyes) said something like he would
rather have all his fingernails ripped out than sit though
another one. I can't prove it but I am pretty sure he heard that from his dad.

The men in my life.
Papa Stenny, DJ and Jimbo
What a handsome bunch.

Our little family and our GIANT ship in the Bahamas

Getting up close and personal with the flam-bingo's

I mean really, really close.
Like protect your young close.

And some tropical Bridie's too. I hate birds.

Our family at some Fort in Nassau.
(notice my afro-puff hair doo courtesy of the muggy humid tropical weather)
Also notice Sarah's low-jack bracelet. That's right folks, you check your kid into the coolest play room ever and they hand you a pager and say we will let you know if we need you - have fun!
Seriously Disney Cruise Lines, I am in love with you.
Sarah did not want to leave, not after Cinderella herself showed up for
the ball and taught her how to curtsy (which is adorable) I wouldn't want to leave either.

Jimbo's cannon
Ummm, I'm gonna end with that one cuz there are just no words and mostly because it was my idea.
PS this is only the first 2 days - coming next Princess Sarah extraordinaire, Pirates in the Caribbean, Disney's private island Castaway Cay, the first aid station, more food and Pleasure Island - check back soon, k.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bikes and Birthdays

My little girlie girl is 3 and I can't believe it! She is the most precious little bean and I can't imagine anything better than her cute little face - even at 6 in the morning when she whispers in my ear, "momma, ine-a-wate"!

I love, love, love her.

We have hit PRINCESS mode full force around here and the Sarah-Saurus hardly talks about anything else. From dress up to movies to coloring books to underwear - everything has to be princess and I have to admit it is a really fun phase. DJ isn't as excited about her constantly putting a tiara on his head or the entire day he trucked around the house in a pink feather boa but he is a really happy kid and loves sis and all the attention. She did try to put the pink Sleeping Beauty dress on him a few days ago but he shot that one down pretty quick so I guess even he has limits.

So, what do you do to celebrate the first 3 years of Sarah? You throw a Princess Pajama Party!

We invited her bestest friends over for a Princess movie party and we had a ball. From crafts to cupcakes to popcorn and insane amounts of candy add a little Princess and the Frog and you got yourself one heck of a shin-dig!

What our living room floor looked like around 7:30 on a Friday night - wacky stuff happening around here - watch out!

I am always a little more than embarrassed at how much loot my kids end up with on their birthdays. We have amazing Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and friends and they must love our girlie as much as we do because this year was no exception.

Sarah's favorite present this year is her new princess bike that Dap-er-Do bought (without telling anyone - he is such a stinker - he is already the favorite and then he pulls that stunt - what a brown-noser). Anyway, the deal at our house is 'poop on the potty go on a bike ride' so try real hard not to be jealous. If you poop on the potty I promise I will take you on a bike ride too.

Here is a shot of all the birthday booty - have you ever seen so much freakin PINK?!

hey, looks like I am blogging again - about darn time.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter - the pre game warm up

Some of the fine ladies from the Serene Ward got together this super stinkin' windy Tuesday for an Easter Egg Hunt and it was a hit. We loved every minute of it. Forget the fact that it was so windy i missed seeing most of it because of my huge hair blowing in my huge face. arghhhh.

So, we started off the festivities with a little swing you know, to warm up the muscles - oh wait, those are fat rolls. Either way the chunk went for a swing.

he loved it.

As we were cueing up for the hunt i gave Sarah a pep talk and it went a little something like this...

Me: ok, Sar, your mission is to fill your basket with eggs.
Push, shove, maim if you have to but get those eggs.
Ok Sar, you got it?

Sarah: Dot it Mamma

Other Mom's watching: thinking ummm, is this chick serious?
Turning their children in the direction opposite mine.

Me: I'm totally kidding - ha ha ha. Turning back to Sarah, not kidding - Get The Eggs!

This is OK parenting right because Jimbo sure thought it was funny.

This is the face of a little girl who i think took my pep-talk a
little too serious - would you mess with her?

Innocent little angel face - unless you take her eggs of course!

Half way through the hunt things got a little exciting and Sarah tripped
over her own big feet. Oh, it was funny and adorable watching her gather her
eggs midst the gale force winds that hit the park that day.

A goofy Easter Bunny-esque grin

Inspecting the collection - we got some good treats!

Dapf and D.J. getting into the festivities

This is the dude before church Sunday.* I am feeling a little ripped off about Easter being on Conference weekend. Does this mean no beautiful Easter dress for Sarah because we certainly
won't get dressed up just to sit on our couch and can't justify buying anything for the universally unceremonious Sunday after Easter. Ripped off I tell you, ripped off.**

* Sorry I cut ur head off Jimbo - for the record, you looked cute too!
** I love General Conference and I love sitting on my couch so really I guess this is a win, win

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sarah 2.5

this little girl is officially 2 1/2

she is way into:

yip-stit (lipstick)
GG (D.J)
going to chuch & nuss-ree
coming home from church and putting on really comfy clothes

playing with Dapf
hanging out with cousin 'Bee-e" (Baylee)

eating pink ice cream
wunning willie fast
ranch dressing

watching movies on Friday night
spending time with Nanna, Papa, Grandpa & Grandma K

telling people she is two and that her name is Sar-wah Caffeine Yarsen
not getting into "trouble trouble"
making snow men and then pulling off the various
parts of his face and eating them

Happy Half Birthday Baby Girl - you are my favorite daughter!

All of us as at Great-Grandma Fern's Funeral

we miss you Grandma!